Vodafone 555 Blue: Low Cost Facebook Feature Phone. 2G Only. No WiFi

Although Financial Times calls the Vodafone 555 Blue a smartphone, it is not.

Vodafone and Facebook team up on smartphone

The Guardian UK got it right by identifying it as a low-price feature phone for emerging markets optimized for use with Facebook.

Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook phone will target emerging markets

If you take a look at the 555 Blue’s specifications, you’ll find an EDGE only (much slower than 3G) phone with an FM radio and Bluetooth but no WiFi. It has a 200MHz processor that is far too slow for smartphone operating systems but probably fine for a feature phone. The 555 Blue only has 40MB of system memory and a Micro SD slot for storage (up to 16GB). Its camera is a workable 2 megapixel one. These specs do not make it a bad phone. In fact, these specs are what you might expect in a feature phone. And, this one, with its QWERTY keyboard, email software, music software and Opera Mini web browser probably comes together to make a good Facebook-focused feature phone. You can see the Facebook “F” key on the right side of the bottom row on the keyboard. The Guardian UK reports that it will probably be available for less than the equivalent of $100 in the UK when it becomes available next month.

Vodafone 555 Blue (product page)

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