VNU Corporate Memos: Marchesano Expresses ‘Mixed Feelings,’ Uses Children’s Books As Metaphor

From outgoing Mike Marchesano‘s final memo as VNU Business Media CEO:

TO: All Employees

FROM: Mike Marchesano

It is with a genuine sense of mixed feelings that I send you my final communication as President and CEO of VNU Business Media. I am very honored to be asked to lead Project Forward and help contribute to the future success of all of us at VNU. Yet, I am sorry to leave Business Media and such a passionate, dedicated group of people. It has been my privilege to work with you for the past five years since VNU Business Media was officially launched. I also consider myself fortunate to have worked with many of you at the former Bill Communications when I came to VNU seven years ago.

As non-parenting editors, we would’ve probably cut this line: “As my daughters remind me from their children’s books, one door closes and another door opens.”


  • PDF of the Marchesano’s full memo
  • PDF of CFO and interim CEO Rob Ruijter‘s full memo


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