VivaKi Ups Ante on Facebook Data

Publicis unit nabs a preferred marketing developer badge

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Agencies continue to muscle up on data, with VivaKi Nerve Center being a forerunning big name to receive preferred marketing developer (PMD) certification for Facebook page insights. More than 200 firms—namely vendors like Buddy Media and Vitrue—have become PMDs in recent months.

Publicis Groupe's VivaKi claims to be the first holding company—it calls Razorfish and Digitas subsidiaries—to be a Facebook PMD for page insights. (Mark Zuckerberg's company confirms the assertion below.) But what exactly does the status mean?

According to VivaKi, it can now perform the following marketing applications on the social site:

  • help understand the type of users engaging with high-performing posts;
  • turn on/off promotions of posts across an advertiser's fans, friends of their fans and those not yet engaged with the brand on Facebook;
  • and use real-time alerts to immediately learn what brand posts consumers are engaging with on a Facebook page.

A Facebook rep said all holding companies and big agencies are welcome to apply for a PMD badge for page insights. Publicis/VivaKi is simply the first to make the effort. “It’s really a testament to the strength of the Facebook ecosystem that more traditional agencies want to [become] PMD certified,” the rep said via an email.

Kelley Maves, vp of data solutions and product support for VivaKi Nerve Center, a technology-driven research and development arm for the holding company, said his company’s Fortune 20 clients will be leveraging an increased level of Facebook data supplied through the social site’s application programming interfaces (APIs). Publicis/VivaKi subsidiaries like Digitas and Starcom MediaVest will be applying the marketing insights for campaign planning and on-the-fly optimization.

“When a Digitas or a Starcom client has social investment, we become the strategists, the executioners, and ultimately, they are leveraging our tools to do all of that,” he said. “So by extension, every agency and client in the family can take advantage of this.”

Meanwhile, Maves’ team today is also unveiling a marketing tool dubbed amplif.r. Among other digital chores, it's designed to intelligently buy Facebook ads in real time, identifying popular brand posts and turning them into paid promos.

“If we can know as soon as possible that a brand post is doing well virally,” Maves said, “then we can quickly turn, execute and put spend behind it so we don’t miss that very finite moment of opportunity.”

The tool will feature the gauntlet of Facebook's engagement metrics, such as People Talking About This, offered by Facebook’s free-to-use marketing dashboard. VivaKi’s program employs that data to also provide cost analysis in terms of what brands spend per engagement action (i.e., clicks, “likes,” comments, impressions, etc.).

In addition, Maves said VivaKi has begun using Facebook data to aid brands in understanding cross-digital efforts. “At the very least, we have data to pull out correlations to help our clients understand their performance channel by channel, and how some of that multichannel spend is influencing their Facebook metrics,” he said. “It’s almost leveraging Facebook as a proxy success measure.”

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.