Visit to Microsoft Store: Tablet City-Dell Duo, Exo PC, Asus Eee Slate

I visited the Microsoft Store in the Bellevue Square shopping mall yesterday. The store feature three Windows 7 tablet devices. The first is the Dell Inspiron Duo convertible device that I’ve written about here previously.

The second is the ExoPC Slate. The slate seemed quite heavy compared to an iPad. It has a relatively meager 4 hour battery life (compared to the iPad’s 10). Some display objects like the “X” close button in the upper right corner and some buttons were too small for simple aim and touch gestures. It also seemed sluggish compared to an iPad or the non-touch MacBook Air. Note that the video above was taken after I launched and tried the browser several times. It seemed to get faster when launching to a cached page (this makes sense).

The third is the Asus Eee Slate. This slate also seemed a bit heavy. And, its state battery life was only 3 hours. Its performance, however, seemed more responsive than either the Dell Insprion Duo or the ExoPC. One of my friends was so impressed by this product that he pre-ordered it soon after trying it. Note that it has a $1200 price tag. However, if you use “ink” heavily or certain products like Microsoft OneNote (which supports “ink”), this might be an attractive product.

In general, the three Windows 7 based touch products (two of which are slates) seemed a bit sluggish compared to an iPad or a non-touch MacBook Pro.