Viral Channels: MySpace Invites Coming in 2 Weeks

myspace viral channelsWhile developers have been waiting on MySpace to turn on additional application communication channels for months, MySpace has just announced that app invites will be going live in 2 weeks. Unfortunately for developers, it’s unlikely that MySpace app invites will lead to the same kind of distribution developers saw on Facebook.

Here are all the details:

  • App invites can only be sent to 1 friend at a time (though MySpace says this is only for now)
  • There can be “no incentives” to users for sending app invites
  • App invites can be viewed in a new “Notifications” folder in the MySpace Mail Center
  • The invite will have a 1-click flow to add the app

MySpace hasn’t officially released the APIs yet, but here are screenshots of the app invite flow:

1. Sending a MySpace app invite

myspace app invite send

2. Receiving a MySpace app invite

myspace app invite receive

3. Installing an app through a MySpace app invite

myspace app invite add

We’ll have all the details as the MySpace Platform expands its viral channels.