LA Businessman Proposes to Girlfriend with Vine Video

It’s the kind of quick-hit Twitter story Mashable does best. They’ve got all the details on a bit of Vine video history that went down Tuesday.

He is LA business consultant Curt Buthman; she is LA author and eBay expert Marsha Collier. After Buthman posted a six-second video proposal showing him holding the Macy’s ring and mouthing the words “Marsha, I love you so much. Will you marry me, please? Please!?,” she accepted. Via Twitter, of course.

Let the debate begin. Does this cheapen the whole idea of a marriage proposal? Is this just the world we now live in? Does this mean he can later divorce her using another equally succinct Vine message?

And the vows? FishbowlLA has a feeling they will include the line, “Till 141 characters do us part.” At press time, Collier tweeted that a CBS LA crew was on its way over to her house. Get ready to see this story all over Thursday morning breakfast TV and your Internet home page of choice. And of course, congrats to the happy couple!

[Photo courtesy @MCurtButhman]