Vin Scully Laps KFWB

Living legend Vin Scully was born in 1927. Two years after the launch of Los Angeles AM radio station KFWB, originally owned by a group that included Warner Bros. co-founder Sam Warner.

All these years later, there was on the West Coast the equivalent of a media “safe” call for Scully and a base-path-umpires-appeal “out” verdict for KFWB. While the 86-year-old broadcaster announced Tuesday that he is returning for another glorious season of radio and TV work in 2015, KFWB indicated last Friday that it will be switching to a mostly syndicated all-sports format in September. (The radio station, currently owned by CBS and held in a FCC-rules related trust, adopted its current all-news approach in 1968.)

We’re a bit surprised that at press time, neither the L.A. Register or L.A. Times appear to have reported on the KFWB switch. Although both papers rely mostly on freelance radio columnists now, this is media news that merits a scheduled editorial calendar pre-empt.

Back to Scully. Thanks to yesterday’s marvelous video announcement and a press conference scheduled for 3:45 p.m. PT today, each new Dodger Stadium umpire crew – as is tradition now – will be turning through the end of 2015 before first pitch to salute Scully at his perch behind home plate.

As far as KFWB is concerned, the salute the radio station will be receiving over the next year and a half is very much up in the air. Given the great job already being done on the AM dial by KLAC 570 Fox Sports Radio and ESPN 710, it could wind up being more of a shrug than a salute.

P.S. Per Wikipedia, KFWB’s many iterations have encompassed the import of two New York City DJs right after World War II. To read more about the station’s rich history, click here.

Smartphone photo of 2013 umpire-crew salute provided by: Michael Horowicz