Villaraigosa Romantic Roundup


Luke Ford was on CNN this morning. Remember, he was the first journalist/blogger to notice something funny going on and got ridiculed by Robert Greene, of the LA Times editorial board.

Greene wrote:

Start with blogger Luke Ford’s outrage that no one at this paper, or anywhere else, had weighed in on the excruciatingly important fact that L.A.’s mayor has been spotted without his wedding ring (snip)

He (Tony V.) also looks more and more like the next governor of California.

Translation: Leave journalism to the professionals, sonny.

Now, of course, Tony looks more the newest member of Los Primeros.

Jossip claims Telemundo is backing their homegirl. We’re guessing they don’t read ERS News.

Andy Martin questions those who ask for privacy through a press release.

The NY Daily News breathlessly tells readers about our mayor and his gorgeous, raven-haired reporter girlfriend. But it’s all good:

People in L.A. want a mayor who works for their benefit – they don’t care about his private life,” said Sally Stewart, a Santa Monica-based PR consultant.

Stewart lives in Santa Monica, so she’s not voting for mayor in LA. And she’s in PR, so she’s not commenting on journalistic integrity.

The NY Post rehashs an old story about the on the down-low lovers.