Village Voice Names Music Critic of The Year

Rob Tannenbaum of The Village Voice has proclaimed that the Music Critic of the Year is an anonymous Twitter account titled @Discographies. The account posts snarky album reviews, and with over 20,000 followers, seems to be pretty popular. Tannenbaum interviews the person behind the account, who at times takes himself and his account a little too seriously. At one point the @Discographies writer suggests that Twitter is some kind of revoluionary communication tool:

Twitter may be the first mass communications system that also functions as a meritocracy: it actively promotes good ideas and good content, regardless of where they come from.

We just checked Twitter. A few of the top trending topics right now are “Teena Marie,” “Maury,” and a sponsored one for Cartoon Network. Never let it be said that FishbowlNY isn’t a Maury fan, but we find it hard to believe that discussing baby mama drama is “good content.” The majority of the interview however, finds the user behind @Discographies being funny and entertaining.

There are sure to be plenty of people who think picking an anonymous Twitter account as a Music Critic of the Year is wrong, but we side with Tannenbaum on his decision. Music criticism is an extremely subjective thing, so when selecting who did it best, why not pick someone who broadcasts his opinion to everybody and nobody, and is everyone and no one at the same time?

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