Village Voice Opts for #OscarsSoMusto

The "old white guy who prognosticates about the Oscars" cover story goes to...

There are two covers for this week’s issue of The Village Voice. One features Spike Lee who, in his Q&A with Ashley Clark, explains that he is not boycotting Sunday’s Oscars. Rather, he just did not want to be sitting there in the audience with a stern face, next to his wife, for the camera to search out and find.

The other cover is the keeper. The headline channels an old Burt Lancaster film and the image, a new Michael Musto look.

In the accompanying article, Musto, returning to the Voice as a special events correspondent, has fun with the topic right at the very top:

True, the Weeknd got a Best Song nomination — for the worst movie of the year, Fifty Shades of Grey. And What Happened, Miss Simone? landed a nod for Best Documentary Feature — for its white director. And Straight Outta Compton got a Screenplay nod — for its white writers. Oy. The Academy clearly needs to be mauled by a bear…

The only problem with that bear idea is that if it were to be acted out, the beast would likely be played by another white actor, like Jonah Hill at the Globes. From this starting point, Musto moves on to a more traditional rundown of the 2015 nominees. Read the rest here.

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