Village Voice Media Prez Out


From: [Village Voice Media CEO] Jim Larkin

Sent: Thu 10/26/2006 8:40 AM

Subject: Resignation

To all Village Voice Media staff:

David Schneiderman has resigned as President, Village Voice Media effective today, October 25, 2006. David has a storied history with VVM; a former editor-in-chief at the Village Voice and CEO of Village Voice, he provided the institutional impetus that helped create the six-paper Voice chain which merged earlier this year with New Times.

It is in large part thanks to his leadership and vision that VVM exists in its present form, and in the past nine months he has helped position our Web sites to be editorially and financially successful moving forward. Now that that work is done, David has decided to move on and explore other opportunities, and we wish him well.

Schneiderman says, “After living in hotels and on airplanes for the last ten years, I look forward to pursuing business ventures closer to home. I have greatly enjoyed my time with the new Village Voice Media and wish my colleagues success in their online and print endeavors.”

[memo via Romenesko]


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