Last Remaining Village Voice Vet Sent Packing

On the same day that The Raw Story announced the hiring of former Village Voice EIC Tony Orgeta as its new executive editor, Capital New York’s Joe Pompeo revealed that one of Ortega’s former charges has been laid off.

Graham Rayman, a staff reporter who had been at the Voice for six years and made waves in 2010 with his investigation of NYPD’s 81st Precinct, is the latest victim of what has turned out to be a full wipe of the old Village Voice guard:

Rayman, who joined the Voice in 2007 from Newsday, was the last staff writer on the masthead who’d been there for a number of years. The newsroom now largely consists of journalists and editors brought in from other titles that are a part of the Voice Media Group, a nationwide alternative-newsweekly chain that acquired the Voice in 2005 and renamed itself after the paper.

Since then, the parent company has instituted round after round of budget cuts, and legendary Voice writers like Wayne Barrett, Nat Hentoff, J. Hoberman, Michael Musto and others have all lost their jobs in the process.

Pompeo got a classy statement from Rayman and notes that although Voice Media Group brought in Tom Finkel this summer to replace Ortega’s brief successor Will Bourne, they are currently also looking for a managing editor. Whoever winds up in that hot seat alongside Finkel will face a daunting Web challenge.