Videology Breaks Down How Millennials Consume TV

Move over glowing boxes, devices are taking over

Today's millennial viewer spent more time on digital media than watching TV last year, according to a new infographic by programmatic video advertising platform Videology, with 34 percent admitting to tuning into more online video than broadcasted shows. 

Videology CEO Scott Ferber said with the changing definition of TV, watching a program doesn't necessarily mean crashing on your couch across from a glowing box.

"Everyone knows that they've got to be in video, and this year the conversations have begun in earnest. If this year is the tipping point, next year, we’ll begin to see the consistent flow of dollars between screens," he said.

Ferber added that if advertisers want their online video campaigns to resonate, they should target a balanced media approach. That means using TV's vast influence for the majority of demographic groups while also tapping into online video for specific younger targets. Cross-platform planning and buying tools can help ensure that different audiences are reached.

And success should be measured across all kinds of screens—not just a single particular effort.

"We believe brand advertisers can achieve the best results with a holistic view of video usage, spanning linear television, advanced TV and the host of devices that consumers now use to view video content," he explained. 


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