Video: This Makeup Company Created a Pop-Up ‘Retail Museum’ That’s All Glitz, Glamour and Fun

Winky Lux is opening experiences like this one across the country

Video: Josh Rios/Nick Gardner; Editor: Josh Rios
Headshot of Ann-Marie Alcántara

Decadence is taking on a new form at Winky Lux’s new “retail museum” in New York.

The ecommerce makeup company is hosting a six-month pop-up shop in the city’s SoHo neighborhood that’s more about experiencing makeup products than it is about buying anything. Visitors can walk into the shop, test and buy lipsticks and more, but the main reason for going is behind a $10 reservable ticket (which can be used as a credit toward in-store purchases). Behind the pink velvet rope (just a bit farther inside after entering the store), are the shop’s seven different rooms, each dedicated to a different product like a room with a large and colorful flower wall to celebrate the company’s “flower balm” product and a lip stain with an actual chrysanthemum flower inside of it.

“We’re really excited about having that moment to have them completely immersed in the brand as opposed to just seeing it online,” said Natalie Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Winky Lux.

Winky Lux recently raised $6 million in Series A funding and is using part of that capital to open up these stores across the country, including in Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Nashville.

The New York store is located at 430 W. Broadway and is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays for the next six months.

@itstheannmarie Ann-Marie Alcántara is a tech reporter for Adweek, focusing on direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce.