VIDEO: Governor David Paterson Will Not Be Renewing His Subscription To The New York Times

This past Saturday, Governor David Paterson officially announced his intent to run for a full-term election, using the opportunity to once again address the “rumors” set forth by The New York Times in their recent coverage of Paterson.

Paterson, you see, is sick and tired of all these rumors about his personal life masquerading as news, and he will thus continue to talk about these rumors in sort of a vague and angry manner. The New York Times addressed their addressing of the rumored rumors, deflecting blame onto other publications and adding that Paterson “criticized the paper for not formally tackling the issue of the story everyone is talking about that doesn’t exist.”

It would seem that such Carrollian blame-shifting and non-denials has not sat well with Paterson, who, during his speech, blamed the nebulous “media” and “tabloid newspapers” for reporting something that was never quite reported, reportedly.

Video of Paterson’s tirade can be found after the jump.