WSJ Tunes In Rising YouTube Stars

Very few people can point simultaneously to crowds of adoring teenage girls and a pointillist portrait in the Wall Street Journal. But that’s the case for Anthony Quintal (a.k.a. LOHANTHONY), the 14-year-old YouTube diary star who crowns WSJ LA-based film reporter Erich Schwartzel’s look at the recent VidCon conference in Anaheim.

There’s also Lindsey Stirling, proof that disqualification from America’s Got Talent can be the beginning rather than the end; Nick Pitera, a one-man-falsetto-band who did a number on Les Miserables; and many teenage aspirants hoping to follow in these digital footsteps:

The preponderance of attendees were casual users like Owen and Elliott Desai, 17-year-old identical twin brothers from Minnesota breaking into their first VidCon with 250 business cards printed with their senior picture on it.

“Being male and being twins and being teenagers are three major stepping stones,” said Owen. It seemed to be working — though they are the first to admit they aren’t YouTube celebrities, strangers still approached for pictures with the telegenic pair.

New Hampshire V-logger Quintal was in LA earlier this year to sign a representation deal with Fullscreen Inc. It’s a brave new world, folks.