A Discarded Son Adopts a Fresh Byline

VictorFeraruPicHis autobiography, Victor’s Luck, is in the final stages of editing. In the meantime, there is this tantalizing blog post, headlined “There Is A Lot To A Name.”

Born Victor Lopez, this survivor’s story is incredible and one that you may, by now, have heard about. In The Huffington Post item, Victor reveals a key new detail that finalized just last week:

My adopted aunt and uncle came to my [Guilford College] graduation. Afterwards at a house gathering, on the best day of my life, my Uncle Kenny and Aunt Diana said, “You do not owe your biological family anything. F*ck them. And that is a legal term.” My uncle is a New York attorney, so he would know these things.

My new mother said, “It is about time I adopt you,” although she has been my “mom” since the start. We did just that and last week my name has changed. Even as an adult, people who hear the story are moved. Even a woman at the DMV began to tear up as she heard the story.

Moving forward, the North Carolina law school English B.A. grad and proud college newspaper senior writer will byline himself as Victor Feraru. He is set to start law school in August. You can follow Feraru on Twitter at @victorhuffpost.

[Photo via: victorsluck.com]