Veteran Columnist James Morrison Among Those Axed at TWT

More news coming in on the TWT re-org:

Sources close to the matter tell us that people being let go include: investigative correspondent Jeffrey Anderson, business reporter Tim Devaney, national security reporters Shaun Waterman and Kristina Wong , copy editor Lynn Pusey, desk editors Jeffrey Lea and Jason Hargreaves, and deputy foreign editor and diplomatic columnist James Morrison.

There are 11 journalists total who have been let go during this re-org, including two library staffers who left earlier this month. Editor John Solomon has said that the headcount at the TWT will not be reduced -and will, in fact, be expanded. He has not named any new hires publicly, but says that some people have been hired internally for newly created positions. He also says that announcements of external hires will be postponed for now, until those people have time to notify their employers.

“Over the course of the next four or five weeks everyone will know who landed and when,” he told FBDC. “We dont talk about specific personel moves, but some people competed and won new jobs, and some departed on their own, and some departed after the competition, in cases where we went somewhere else with the job and had an internal applicant. No one likes these processes, but I think it was pretty open. And I think at the end of the day people here understand that the newsroom is bigger, that we needed new capabilities such as a universal versus just a copy desk, and that we’re entering 2014 better suited to do the sort of things we want to do.”

FishbowlDC will be reporting more on developments in The Washington Times newsroom as we get more information in, so check back here for updates.