Verizon iPhone to get Truly Unlimited 3G Data? What about Subsidized iPhone 5 Upgrades This Summer?

Citing Reuters, AppleInsider and others are reporting that not only will Verizon Wireless announce the availability of a CDMA version of the iPhone for their network but will also announce a truly unlimited 3G data plan (no 2GB or 5GB per month limit).

Verizon Wireless to unveil iPhone Tuesday: source (Reuters)

Verizon iPhone to offer unlimited data in contrast to AT&T [u] (AppleInsider)

True unlimited data sounds good compared to the 2GB per month new AT&T iPhone subscribers currently get. Will this be an added incentive to get AT&T subscribers to switch? They will have to buy a new iPhone since the GSM iPhone used on the AT&T network will not work on Verizon’s CDMA network. And, does switching to Verzion make getting the expected iPhone 5 more difficult to purchase at a subsidized price this summer?

Of course, there hasn’t been any official information that the iPhone will be available from Verizon. But, this should be resolved after Verizon’s scheduled press conference tomorrow (Jan. 11, 2011).