Verizon Brings Social Media To Your Television

125twitter-bird.jpgIn an effort to consolidate your daily time wasters, Verizon will be offering a service that brings Facebook and Twitter to your TV. From Media Daily News:

Though still in a basic stage, the service will allow people to view Facebook status updates and view friends’ photo albums and pictures. Users will not immediately be able to update their status beyond having it reflect what program they’re watching, but “it will evolve as we go along,” [Verizon representative Bobbi] Henson says. “People are very tethered to those services.”

200ball_and_chain[1].jpgWith Twitter, users will be able to continue watching whatever program they were tuned to while also viewing tweets and other feeds applicable to the show (or participants in a sporting event, if such is the case).

“It’s really about bringing these Internet capabilities to the television, the biggest screen in their house,” Henson says.

Tethered to those services? Yeesh. Maybe it’s time to go outside and play.