VEGAS INC Editor Recalls Coming Out to His Cuban Mom

Just a few short months after helping launch VEGAS INC magazine, editor-in-chief Richard Pérez-Feria (pictured) has shared a most unusual and colorful masthead remembrance. In a July 18 missive titled “Letter from the Editor: ‘Mom, I’m Gay’,” he recounts how he finally came out to his mother in 2006, when he was editor of the Spanish language edition of People.

At the time, Pérez-Feria was living openly as a gay man in New York City, but somehow – to the disbelief of his friends – mom still hadn’t caught on. The night before the big conversation, he sat down with a couple of high-powered friends, the kind that had in 2006 been helping him celebrate his 40th birthday in all sorts of VIP environs, including LA’s Chateau Marmont:

To strategize a course of action, I went to dinner with Gloria and Emilio Estefan… Gloria offered to come with me [to my brother’s house]. “Um, thanks, Gloria, but I don’t think showing up with an international music superstar to tell mommy that her 40-year-old son is gay sends the right sort of message as a role model.” We all laughed so hard we nearly choked.

You’ll have to read the piece to find out how mom reacted. Pérez-Feria has been with VEGAS INC parent company Greenspun Media Group since last September, where he is also the business editor for the group’s other publications, which include the Las Vegas Sun and Las Vegas Weekly. He is also presently happily engaged to his male partner.

Photo credit: Leila Navidi