VCs invest $262 million in mobile app developers since beginning of 2013

Venture capitalists are looking toward mobile app development start-ups as their next saving grace. The rapidly growing space of mobile app development is leading to race to find and boost funding for the companies that develop these apps.

CB Insights has found that mobile app development companies have invested $262 million across 36 deals in 2013 alone. The pace seems to be picking up quickly as this accounts for 59 percent of the funding in the overall mobile development space in 2012. Just in June, six mobile app development companies received significant rounds of financing.

Venture capitalists aren’t the only people looking to make an impact in the space. The acquisition of Parse by Facebook and IBM’s acquisition of Worklight mark strategic interest in the space by many different companies. It is not just app development that is seeing a significant boost, but venture capital funding to the broader developer tools category hit $646M in the last year, jumping 77% year-over-year. This growth looks to be part of a larger trend and increased interest in the developer tools space.