Variety Covers Politics


Washington, DC is said to be Hollywood for the homely. Variety, with an eye towards equal time for the less-cute, has launched a new blog, Wilshire & Washington. From the site:

Wilshire & Washington highlights the enduring relationship between entertainment and politics. More than a mere curiosity, the intersection of these worlds play out daily in fund raising, celebrity causes, show business lobbying and creative expression.

Variety editor-at-large Ted Johnson in charge.

Today’s post has the story of Diebold Election Systems versus HBO. Sarah Teale’s documentary Hacking Democracy debuts on Nov. 2, and Diebold president David Byrd wrote HBO’s Chris Albrecht that the documentary

contains significant factual errors and does not meet HBO’s standards for accuracy and fairness

Diebold spokesman David Bear says told Variety that they have not seen the doc but got their information from the website.

FBLA wonders if Alec Baldwin has thought of working for Diebold.