Vanity Fair Will Go Ahead With An Oscar Party


Graydon Carter will hold his legendary Vanity Fair Oscar party whether or not the Writers Guild of America strike is resolved by the time of the ceremony. Carter was quoted by WWD as saying: ”We’re going ahead as planned. Although we have made provisions for a shorter-than-usual ceremony. Since it’s all hypothetical at the moment, it’s difficult to comment further.”

Mr. Carter is correct, the strike could end tomorrow. Still, it is not inconceivable that the strike may continue beyond the Oscar ceremonies. Since the WGA denied the Academy waivers for writers, celebrities, in solidarity, might not attend. ”We would hope that performers would decline to appear,” WGA East President Michael Winship told The New york Sun. ”And if that happens, I can’t really imagine what the scenario would be like.”

Nor can we imagine what that would mean for the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Update: Vanity Fair’s spokesperson informs FishbowlNY that Graydon Carter’s response was originally given to WWD. That was not made clear in the original email that they sent to us. The post has been amended from the original to reflect this.

(image via btiinternet)