Vanity Fair and Cheddar Form Partnership

Welcome "VF Hive on Cheddar" to your media diet.

Conde Nast Entertainment (CNE), Vanity Fair and Cheddar have joined forces to launch a new, live half-hour series called VF Hive on Cheddar.

The weekly series—featuring VF writers and editors talking business, politics and tech—will be broadcast from Cheddar’s studios on the stock exchange floor.

The show debuts February 19 at noon. Subsequent episodes will air every Thursday on VF’s and Cheddar’s Facebook Live pages, Cheddar’s network (on Sling TV, Amazon and more) and Condé Nast’s digital network.

“The Hive animates the worlds of Washington, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley—not to mention the egos that drive them—on a daily, even hourly, basis,” said VF editor Graydon Carter, in a statement. “And now I’m delighted to see this formula applied in the form of a weekly show on Cheddar, itself a terrific representation of how people are consuming media more voraciously than ever.”