Vandals Punch a Monet, Security Officers and Locked Doors Nowhere to Be Found


Sad news in the continuing string of vandalism in French museums. It was reported yesterday by the Telegraph and others, how a group of four to five people snuck into the Musee d’Orsay and punched a hole through Monet’s “Le Pont d’Argenteuil” before running off when security showed up. It’s a tragic story, particularly following the numerous recent thefts of famous pieces of art elsewhere in the country and Sam Rindy‘s defacement of a Cy Twombly painting. But even more troubling, to us anyway, is how in the world you let four or five people break into your museum. We understand if they were, like, super expert art thieves or something, but they’ve been reported to have been drunk hooligans running around after an all night party following a Rugby match. Having imbibed a few times ourselves, we know we’ve done stupid things, but we’re also aware that our mental capacity at those times were about equal to a small pebble. It’s like winning the lottery, getting the bank to give you cash, then leaving it in your apartment. “Nah, I won’t lock the doors. I’m sure any thieves will just give up once they see the door is pretty much shut all the way.”