Van Gogh Museum Finishes Restoration of ‘The Bedroom’


Following up on a post from back in March, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam have finished their six-month restoration of the famous painter’s piece “The Bedroom” and will have it hanging again as of tomorrow. If you’d missed the work done over those last six months, you should really take the rest of the day to dig through the archives of the blog the museum put together to chronicle the exhaustive process from start to finish. If you ever wanted a crash course in both art history (with particular regard to Van Gogh in this case, of course) and what all is involved in restoring art that’s now more than 120 years old, you’ll find it right there on their blog. It gets incredibly detailed at times, getting into why he painted as he did, why materials were used the way they were, and how, where, and why the painting was damaged and what went in to fixing it, all accompanied by macro photos and even scans of x-rays taken during the endeavor.