Using Twitter To Sell Books

Digital marketing is important for selling eBooks, especially for unknown authors.
Media Strategist Denise Brody has outlined a five point digital marketing plan for authors which can help. While the tips can apply to anyone looking to sell a book, they are especially helpful for less well-known authors and for self-published authors.
Here is her first tip: “For Twitter authors who want to get in the game…Find a system and a niche that takes minimal time and is of maximum interest to you. Found it? Now begin posting on all things you/your sweet spot.” She also recommends: “Be passionate about what you do. Be original. Don’t be a Tweetbot.”
It can also help to be in the company of other book people. Our sibling blog GalleyCat has a list of helpful book marketing and publicity Twitter feeds to follow.
A good story can help an author too. GalleyCat interviewed independent book publicist Susan Schwartzman, who said it’s all about having a good back-story.