Use Shopkick & a Visa Card to Get Rewards from Retailers

Foursqare and American Express aren’t the only companies to team up to promote holiday buying. Shopkick and Visa are also in the retail rewards game.

Visa Teams Up With Shopkick To Dole Out Retailer Reward Points At The Point Of Sale (TechCrunch)

The duo’s Buy & Collect is in effect at ToysRus, Old Navy, Wet Seal, American Eagle, Simon Malls and Arden B. Here’s how it works: You walk into one of the participating retailers with the Shopkick app installed on an Android phone or iPhone. An inaudible tone from a device in the store confirms with the Shopkick app that you are physically in the store. When you use a Visa credit or debit card, Shopkick app users will get rewards in the form of Shopkick Kickbucks. These Kickbucks can be redeemed at Shopkick partner stores or redeemed for Facebook Credits.

You can find the Shopkick Android and iPhone apps using the links below:

Shopkick (iTunes App Store)

Shopkick (Android Market)