Fans Debate Scandalous Us Weekly Kristen Stewart Cover Shot*

Across the Internet, commenters have descended tonight on the websites of Us Weekly, People magazine and to furiously debate the poor-quality inset shot featured on the cover of this week’s edition of Us. The ear-less bottom-right snap allegedly depicts actress Kristen Stewart in the arms of her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, part of a July 17 “marathon makeout session” the mag is promising to blow the lid off in its Friday print edition.

Many fans of the Twilight saga are convinced the inset photo is heavily Photoshopped. At one point, a rumor raced across Twitter that the director’s wife, Liberty Ross, had confirmed via Australian radio that the image was a modified version of her.

But that was soon exposed to be a hoax sparked by a prankster on Ross’s IMDb discussion boards:

Nevertheless, as all this was transpiring, Ross appears to have deleted her Twitter account and locked down her Instagram. Plus, at around 10:30 p.m. PT, the entire Us Weekly tease and cover preview disappeared. So maybe there is something to the Photoshop accusations after all. [Editor’s note: The article is now back up.]

Update – 07/25/12: The inset photo may be a wreck, but today, via, Steward has apologized for these reported transgressions.

*Now that FishbowlLA has seen the magazine, it appears that the inset cover photo was indeed Photoshopped, but only so as to move out more to the left the overlay of Sanders. The picture inside the magazine that matches the one on the cover shows Sanders hovering over a larger portion of her face.