US News Ranks ‘Curator’ as One of the Best Careers for 2010


If you’ve been following museum news at all in 2009 (especially here on UnBeige), you’d probably say the top theme has been that it hasn’t been very stable to work in the museum industry lately. Between layoffs, hiring freezes, and whole museums shutting their doors completely, one would say that the year wasn’t so kindly to museum employees across the board. So it came with some surprise to learn that maybe that assumption wasn’t 100% correct, at least if you take US News & World Report‘s “America’s Best Careers 2010” on its word, with its inclusion of museum curator among its top picks in the Creative and Service category. They predict that there will be thousands of new openings within the next few years, despite the blow suffered this year. We’re still not entirely convinced, but hey, here’s hoping for the best, right? Here’s a bit:

The number of curators is expected to rise by 23 percent, well above the average rate for all careers. Between 2008 and 2018, there will be 2,700 new positions added. However, some museums have struggled in the recession, which puts additional pressure on those who take these jobs. Competition for curatorial positions may be steep. Those who don’t rise to the top may seek related work as museum technicians, archivists, or researchers.