UrbanDaddy Wants to Help You Get Dressed for Speech

mb_cufflinks.jpgUrbanDaddy D.C. has gotten creative today with an item on unique cuff links to wear to President Obama’s speech. But seeing as the speech is tonight, this will help you prepare to look good for next year’s State of the Union address.

Here’s an excerpt:

Introducing custom-made cuff links by Chas Schwartz & Son, letting you turn your idols, achievements, talismans, pets, refrigerator art and all that you inwardly cherish into precious-metal accessories.

Your task: simply bring them the object (or even a photo of the object) whose inspirational likeness you’d like to sport on your wrists. Drew Brees’ right arm. Megan Fox’s left leg. Your grandfather’s recliner. Your silver medal in the biathlon (the Norwegian who won was doping). Or even that 3-pound pork chop you conquered in Memphis.
From there, craftsmen-yes, they all wear those little one-eye magnifying glasses-will spend a few weeks designing and casting your little treasures from gold, silver or platinum.

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