Urban Outfitters Offers 9-Month Internship… Unpaid

There’s a lot of instances out there where companies are taking advantage of the overabundance of job seekers in the market, but this posting popped out because of the company’s total disregard for its interns. Urban Outfitters has posted a job opening on its website asking for an intern to come aboard for a nine month gig, UNPAID!

The company will only pay for traveling expenses. However, the job description makes it sound like full-time work. Located in the company’s “Planning and Allocation Department,” in London, you would help the fashion retailer communicate “regularly with the buying teams to ensure the right product is in the right stores at the right time,” and find opportunities to increase sales, among other tasks.

I remember being annoyed as a junior in college, working as an unpaid sports reporter at a small-town newspaper, but that was only two months. How would you live in London, unpaid, for nine? To put that into perspective, this poor intern would work until May 2011, without ever making a dime (or pound).

Good economy or bad, this is asking too much. Apparently, assuring your employees can afford the little things like, you know, food doesn’t matter.