Updated: iTunes Goes DRM Free, Alters Pricing

At the Macworld Expo today, Apple Inc. confirmed reports that all four majors were now onboard to deliver DRM-free music through iTunes, as originally reported by CNET. Apple has offered DRM-free music from EMI since May 2007; the new deals unveiled today are with Sony BMG, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

The company also revealed plans for a new variable pricing model, starting in April; the price points for tracks are listed as 69 cents for older catalog titles, 99 cents for current songs and $1.29 for hits. The company said more songs will be priced at 69 cents than $1.29.

iTunes began offering 8 million of its 10 million songs in the DRM-free format, today, and the remaining two million songs offered will be offered DRM-free by the end of March.

Additionally, iPhone 3G users can also now preview and purchase the entire iTunes Store music catalog on their iPhone 3G over their 3G network, just as they do with Wi-Fi today, for the same price and in the same high quality format.