Update: Unemployment Extension Passed

The New York State Department of Labor just announced that Congress has approved legislation to extend eligibility deadlines for extended unemployment benefits to November 28, 2010. Details and instructions for claimants in New York are below:

Congress Passes and President Signs Unemployment Extension (Updated for the week of July 19, 2010)

Legislation was approved by Congress on July 22, 2010 extending eligibility deadlines for benefit extensions to November 28, 2010. Please continue to claim weekly benefits in the usual manner, unless you have received instructions to file a new claim. Claimants whose benefits had stopped because they were not able to begin receiving EUC by the week ending June 6, 2010, or were not able to move to a new Tier of EUC or collect Extended Benefits starting on the week ending June 13, 2010, will receive payment in their account by the middle of next week for back weeks claimed. The new legislation does not extend the additional $25 weekly payment, known as Federal Additional Compensation or FAC, for individuals who file a new claim on or after May 31, 2010. For updates on benefit extensions, continue visiting this website. For an estimate of the number of weeks you may be currently eligible for, see Chart or use the Benefits Calculator.

Since our last post, the average unemployment rate has fallen from 8.5% to 8.3% for April through June, which affects eligibility for EUC funds in Tier 4. More instructions after the jump:

New York State’s Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.2% for June 2010.

New York State’s 3-month (April, May, June) average unemployment rate is 8.3%. This falls below the 8.5% average required by the Federal government for people to claim the six weeks of benefits under EUC Tier 4. If you claim EUC Tier 4 benefits by the week that ends August 15, 2010, you can receive the 6 weeks of EUC Tier 4. Then, if you are still unemployed, you move into Extended Benefits. If you do not begin to claim EUC Tier 4 benefits by the week that ends August 15, 2010, you cannot receive Tier 4 benefits. That means you will move from EUC Tier 3 directly into Extended Benefits.