Update: The Mirror Award Winners

The winners of this year's Mirror Awards, honoring those that cover the media beat, were announced today at The Plaza in New York. In addition to the winners (in bold below), Comcast chair and CEO Brian L. Roberts received the Fred Dressler Achievement Award, and Foursquare co-founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai won the i-3 award for innovation, impact and influence.


Best Single Article, Traditional Media

•    Devin Friedman, "The Viral Me"  (GQ)

•    Gabriel Sherman, "Chasing Fox"  (New York Magazine)

•    Mary Walton, "Investigative Shortfall" (American Journalism Review)


Best Single Article, Digital Media


•    Don Carli, "Is Digital Media Worse For The Environment Than Print?" (PBS)

•    Jim Hopkins, "All Shook Up" (Gannett Blog)

•    Damon Kiesow, "Former Newspaper Photographer Becomes Mobile Social Journalist" (Poynter)

•    Geoff McGhee, "Journalism in the Age of Data" (Stanford)

•    Justin Peters, "Trust Falls" (Columbia Journalism Review)

•    Jonathan Stray, "Play Paywall" (Nieman Journalism Lab)

Best Profile, Traditional Media


•    Ken Auletta, "The Networker" (The New Yorker)

•    Christopher Beam, "A Reasonable Man" (New York Magazine)

•    Raffi Khatchadourian, "No Secrets" (The New Yorker)

•    Ben McGrath, "Search and Destroy" (The New Yorker)

•    Jose Antonio Vargas, "The Face of Facebook" (The New Yorker)  

Best Profile, Digital Media


•    Edmund Lee, "Capital New York Plies Tough Market With Earnest Journalism" (Ad Age)

•    Joel Meares, "The Biggest Fish in Albany?" (Columbia Journalism Review)

•    Joel Meares, "Keeping Up with Chuck Todd" (Columbia Journalism Review) 

Best Commentary, Traditional Media


•   Eric Alterman (The Nation)

•   Bill Minutaglio (Texas Observer)

•   James Poniewozik (TIME Magazine)

•   James Wolcott (Vanity Fair)

Best Commentary, Digital Media


•    Eric Alterman (Center for American Progress)

•    Joshua Benton (Nieman Journalism Lab)

•    Jina Moore (JinaMoore.com)

•    Scott Rosenberg (MediaShift Idea Lab – PBS)

•    Craig Silverman (Columbia Journalism Review)

Best In-depth Piece, Traditional Media


•    Jodi Enda and Priya Kumar, "Retreating From the World" (American Journalism Review)

•    Andrew Rice, "Putting a Price on Words" (New York Times)

•    Danielle Sacks, "The Future of Advertising" (Fast Company)

•    Mary Van de Kamp Nohl, "Paper Money" (Milwaukee Magazine)

More information available at the Mirror Awards website.