Update: Facebook Platform Notifications Going Away March 1st

Facebook has just posted an update to its Developer Roadmap with a new date for the end of application notifications: March 1st. On that date, both application-to-user and user-to-user notifications will be no longer.

What happens exactly at that point, in terms of application traffic, is on the forefront of the minds of app developers and Facebook Platform monetization service providers. While some top developers called the end of notifications “D-Day” after it was initially announced, attitudes have been somewhat more hopeful in recent weeks. Developers are hoping that Facebook will take a balanced approach to the Platform changes, and will make adjustments to help developers if the impact of notifications removal proves to be too severe. The vast majority of developers have been using the notifications channel very aggressively to date, leading to user complaints and decreasing conversion rates in general.

Facebook’s fundamental motivation behind the changes is to improve the fidelity of its communication channels. With the onslaught of often-spammy app notifications, engagement rates for the notifications channel have plummeted, which is a big red flag to the product team at Facebook. Facebook has created a new email sharing API to make it easier for users to share their email addresses directly with developers, encouraging app-to-user communication to happen outside of Facebook altogether.

What immediate impact will the removal of the notifications channel have on app traffic? Everyone will find out starting in 28 days.