UPDATE: ABC News Already Getting Ready For McCain’s VP Pick

Earlier we told you that ABC News has already charged staff with monitoring the movements of possible VP candidates for Sen. John McCain.

Now, we’ve got the reporters’ names:

Mike Huckabee — Kevin Chupka
Mitt Romney — Matt Stuart
Condi Rice — Kirit Radia

Charlie Crist — Jan Simmonds
Mark Sanford — Jan Simmonds
Tom Ridge — Jan Simmonds

Tim Pawlenty — Christine Byun
Jeb Bush — Christine Byun
Rob Portman — Christine Byun

John Cornyn — Zach Wolf
John Thune — Zach Wolf
Kay Bailey Hutchinson — Zach Wolf

Bobby Jindal — Kate McCarthy
Sonny Perdue — Kate McCarthy
Jon Huntsman — Kate McCarthy

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