Unofficial Super Mario 3 App One-Ups This Week’s List Of Emerging Facebook Games

Auto Hustle maintains its growth pattern post-official launch while other familiar titles like UFC Undisputed Fight Nation and Spot The Difference stay strong on this week’s list of emerging Facebook games on our traffic tracking service, AppData. Uno Boost classes out of our list this week, having broken 1 million monthly active users earlier this week.

New to our list this week is the just-launched Alpang Puzzle and Nickelodeon’s AddictingGames portal site, which we took a quick look at earlier this week when it popped on our list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users. Also new is an unofficial Java version of classic Nintendo Entertainment System game, Super Mario Bros. 3. We’ve been unable to successfully open this Facebook app on Firefox as it causes the browser to crash.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1. Auto Hustle794,953+328,530+70%
2. Puzzle Saga928,564+166,837+22%
3. UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Game890,573+163,732+23%
4. N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: ELITE439,000+143,550+49%
5. Buddy Rush422,861+139,443+49%
6. Hero City198,041+135,844+218%
7. Battle Pirates400,138+130,879+49%
8. Spot The Difference847,858+116,938+16%
9. 英雄遠征-小小戰爭/開心農場活動472,055+113,537+32%
10. Enrique Iglesias, Play with it!220,453+109,366+98%
11. Feevo324,361+105,337+48%
12. Super Mario 3571,647+100,869+21%
13. Doomsday Defense – Towers, Monsters, PvE & PvP!222,807+98,811+80%
14. Sinuca by Gazeus328,732+98,289+43%
15. 開心城市(中文版)179,653+94,032+110%
16. AddictingGames363,263+93,209+35%
17. Alpang Puzzle110,894+92,435+501%
18. Spartacus: The Game934,086+87,356+10%
19. 《夢想三國》臺灣,新馬,港澳全面開打,新服《諸葛亮》火爆開啟,戰火不斷蔓延!178,797+84,597+90%
20. Farkle Pro380,954+84,032+28%

Super Mario Bros. 3 isn’t the first unofficial Nintendo entry we’ve seen on Facebook. The last time we encountered a Mario game, however, it was apparently converted to another game with a less litigious intellectual property owner. Other Super Mario Facebook games have since taken up resident on Facebook, with the largest clocking it at just 160,000 MAU behind Super Mario Bros. 3.

Farther down our list, we see both Enrique Iglesias, Play With It! and Farkle Pro, which we reviewed recently. We also see Spartacus: The Game, which got a boost in traffic from a series of international releases for both the Facebook game and its Starz TV show tie-in. In the coming week, we’ll examine the newly-launched Doomsday Defense from IGG Inc.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.