Uno Boost Gets a Boost From Facebook Credits Integration

Uno Boost is a single player variant of the popular family card game from Mattel developed by GameHouse for Facebook. The game is enjoying steady growth, with a monthly active users north of 1.1 million and daily active users at 110,000, according to our traffic tracking service AppData. GameHouse credits the game’s rapid growth to fully embracing Facebook Credits.

Gameplay in Uno Boost is similar to GameHouse’s companion title, Uno, which we reviewed back in 2009 when the title launched as “Live Uno” or “Uno Live.” Play follows the traditional color or number matching rules of the Uno card game, with the exception of “Boost” cards, a limited resource which can be substituted for cards in the player’s hand at any time when they’re in a tough spot. This keeps play flowing quickly and smoothly, and most games are over in a matter of minutes, if not less. Uno Boost focuses on solo play against computer opponents rather than multiplayer action.

“Uno Boost is in a unique place,” says GameHouse Director of Business Development, Braden Moulton. “In terms of product quality, we benchmark against games like Bejeweled Blitz. While the game is different, the notion of providing a fun, concise experience to our users is similar.”

The game is monetized primarily through the sale of the aforementioned Boost cards, which can be purchased individually or in “packs” using either Facebook Credits or in-game currency. Certain packs are only available using Facebook Credits. There’s also an offer wall powered by TrialPay and a video ad service powered by Live Gamer that nets players individual Boost cards per viewing in exchange for viewing video advertisements.

“Facebook Credits is the hard currency within Uno Boost,” says Moulton. “We are fully embracing Credits and since launching them in Uno Boost in March, we have seen significant improvements in conversion and monetization. […] We’ll continue to evolve our monetization strategy in parallel with our partners at Facebook.”

Going forward, the developer plans to roll out additional gameplay features planned in collaboration with Mattel over the next four months. Ian Fliflet, Director of Social Strategy at GameHouse, tells us that we can expect player achievement awards in the next month or two. He also says that GameHouse is looking to capitalize on new Facebook viral measures, though he declined to elaborate on what those might be. We know that the developer could implement the Buy With Friends viral discount feature, because the game uses Credits as in-game currency.

GameHouse currently enjoys a total MAU of 3.9 million and 538,000 DAU across all 23 of its Facebook apps. Fliflet tells us that the company has more titles in development that span both original intellectual property and licensed IP. GameHouse recently announced a partnership with Fremantle to bring CBS game show Let’s Make A Deal to Facebook.

You can follow Uno Boost’s progress on Facebook with AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.