2 A.L. Bailey’s, One Alpha Phi Video

AL.com adds a hearty dose of she said-she said to University of Alabama brouhaha.

AlphaPhiAlabamaVideoThe author of a widely disseminated AL.com op-ed criticizing a University of Alabama sorority “Rush Week” recruitment video has since spoken for the first time, with that same outlet. A.L. Bailey, a local writer-editor, told the paper she has turned down interview requests from BuzzFeed, the Today show, Good Morning America and others.

From her conversation with reporter Connor Sheets:

“I just had never seen anything like that [Alpha Phi, Beta Mu Chapter sorority video] before. I didn’t know it existed, I didn’t know that it was a thing. I saw it and I was immediately struck by its production value because it was better than the ones done in previous years, and like I said I was in TV and I have an idea about production value. And it just seemed so shameless in its self-promotion of the girls…”

“I have strong feelings on feminism and the way women are portrayed in the media, and raising young girls – I have two daughters – in this media-heavy society, things like that, and so that was why I had the gut reaction to this video that I had, because these are thoughts in my head already and this really played to that and I felt that I just had to get it out. So it wasn’t anything that I had planned to do or had any malice intended or anything like that.”

On Tuesday, AL.com also reprinted a blog post from Amy Lemley Bailey. Under the headline “The OTHER A.L. Bailey: No, I Did Not Write Alpha Phi Column and Here Is Why,” the fashion blogger detailed how she has been repeatedly mistaken for the original author above and that her POV is more closely aligned with that of the video’s comely stars:

I am a bikini defender – Anyone who knows me knows that during summer I live in a bikini. It is one of my favorite articles of clothing and I plan to wear one for as long as I can. In fact I don’t care what your size – big, small, short, or tall – wear a bikini! I had a conversation Saturday night (before I even knew about this fiasco) with a friend about how I think it is ridiculous that in the year 2015 young women are still objectified because they are attractive and like to wear bikinis – give me a break, get something else to talk about. If you have a problem with someone being in a bikini, it’s your problem not theirs. This is one reason I love places like Miami so much, you see women of all ages and shapes walking confidently around in teeny bikinis and having the best time. Why do we remain so body conscious? Let it go! I promise you will be much happier.

The University of Alabama has tried to distance itself from the video.

[Screen grab via: YouTube]