Under Armour Inspiration: Defy the Odds & Overcome Rejection

Need a little inspiration on this fabulous Friday of Labor Day weekend? Maybe you studied biology in college, graduated in May and now you’re pursuing a job in advertising? Maybe you work in accounting and have your eye on moving internally into a fantastic PR role? Or maybe you’re a freelance blogger and looking to start vlogging?

Whatever the case, others may think and consequently say you’re not good enough. If this video is proof, you may be familiar with rejection letters (aren’t we all at some point?): “Dear candidate…”

Defy the odds. Prove them wrong. Celebrate your inner strength.

We really dig this video: Misty Copeland didn’t fit the mold of a “typical” ballerina when she was first introduced to ballet at the Boys and Girls Club in L.A. on a basketball court. She broke the mold and is now the second African American woman in two decades to become a female soloist and the third African American woman ever to become a soloist at the American Ballet Theatre.

Go girl!