UnBeige Goes Subscription. The Cost? Just One Porsche Design Studio Yacht.


Okay, we know we’ve joked from time to time about you, dear readers, buying stuff for we editors. Or sending us on expensive trips. Or just bribing us to put up a link to something you made or do. And by and large, we’ve really meant each and every one as jokes (except the bribing part — please don’t stop doing that). But now we’re turning a new leaf and being completely serious. After reading this press release late yesterday about the company Fearless Yachts teaming up with the Porsche Design Studio to build a fleet of six different yachts, we decided that you need to buy us one of each. The things are just gorgeous. And even though the holidays are already here, and the first yacht won’t be released until February of next year, we don’t mind waiting a couple of months. It really is the thought that counts, after all.