UnBeige Can Read: New Design Books

Yes, it’s true. We can read. And not just the little pixelated words either. We read words on paper. Which are stuck together with glue. And become books. And just in time for Super Saver Shipping, we’ll share some of our favorites.


At first we thought Sticky Graphics was about stickers, and got excited–sparkly unicorns! But it turns out this book is just as good, because Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser explore the reasons why certain visual elements “stick” in our heads. The book doesn’t just show pretty work, it shows stuff that’s actually memorable. And isn’t that really what we’re here for, after all?


When the encyclopedia-like SPD 41 dropped on our desk with a large thwump it didn’t just grab our attention because it features Mr. and Mrs. Fallingwater on the front. Feast your eyes on the sumptuous spreads, designed by Giampietro + Smith. It’s truly the best that 2005 publications had to offer. Without all those annoying words.


If your pub beat’s a little more indie, you’ll love Mag-Art. This book is full of examples from not-the-usual-suspect magazines plus interviews with cutting-edgers like Colin Metcalf and Jonathan Barnbrook. The weird pastel grid stuff on each page is a little annoying, and the color actually seemed washed out, but if you want a great round-up of design from mags as diverse as Fairy Tale and They Shoot Homos Don’t They?, pick this baby up.

And that’s it for this editon of UnBeige Can Read. See you next time, and remember, you don’t have to take our word for it.