‘Unbaby’ Tool Gets Upgrade Just in Time for Endless Stream of Holiday Pictures

Last year, we told you about Unbaby.Me, the genius browser tool that allows those plagued by the endless stream of baby pictures on their Facebook newsfeeds to replace the offending cherub faces with things like bacon and puppies.

Now, just in time for the onslaught of holiday pictures (read: babies in Santa hats and people getting inordinantly wasted at Christmas parties), the Chrome tool is getting an update; the new platform, called Rather, is a full-featured social filtering app, which can replace not only the sweet infant faces of your friends’ offspring with something you’d rather see (heartless!), but can now dub over virtually anything you’d like to avoid on your social media feeds.

The app works by using keywords you provide to automatically replace any image associated with that word with whatever you choose. As the website says, “all the sports in your newsfeed can now become cats! Or all the cats can become sports!”

It’s up to you!

Want to replace every picture of Kim Kardashian with a roast beef sandwich? Done! Rather see a sloth than another “selfie?” Ta-daa! Want to swoon over the Hemsworth brothers instead of drooling over another picture of your friend’s awesome lunch while you’re brown-bagging it? Presto!

You get the idea. And if you aren’t a Chrome user, fear not! The app will soon have versions compatible with Safari, Firefox and Mobile.

Just make sure you disable the tool before lending your laptop to your friend who posts a picture of every cocktail she drinks — she may be less than flattered to find that all her oh-so-festive beverages have been replaced by Ryan Gosling. Or, on second thought, maybe she wouldn’t mind…