Ukrainian Startup Newzmate Launches Traqli News Curation Tool

Some news stories, such as the current mystery of what happened to a Malaysian Airliner that seemingly disappeared from sight, are difficult to keep up with due to their dynamic and ever-changing nature of almost daily updates that add new and previously unpublished information.

newzmate post picBut, Newzmate, a joint U.S. – Ukrainian-based tech startup may have an answer to this vexing, news curation problem.

The company, funded by Ukrainian business incubation community Happy Farm, has just launched an open beta for Traqli, a product that would keep readers better updated and more easily engaged with their favorite stories with the click of a button.

According to the company, Traqli is a button that web publishers can install on articles and then have readers click it to “traq” the article and then become automatically informed as the story updates.

Newzmate says that Traqli would benefit publishers with better engagement and readers with an easy way to keep updated on rapidly moving stories.

In addition, Traqli also helps to tailor content curation, much in the way that Netflix locates new movies and TV series for you based upon what you’ve watched in the past.

The company’s CEO, Alexei Chapko, says that Traqli’s two target audiences are publishers and readers.

Says Chapko:

“For publishers, we researched and surveyed over 100 publishers and found that their two major concerns were traffic growth and content monetization. Traqli was partially created to address these two concerns, to increase the number of loyal readers, to increase general content readership, and to monetize that content.
“For readers, our survey of over 8000 people showed that over 75% of readers are looking for more news updates every day, but often miss important information due to lack of time and news overflow. Traqli was created to help readers better and more easily curate their news so that they can stay up to date on their favorite stories.”


Chapko, who has more than a decade of experience in business and IT consulting for major companies including SAP and Oracle, adds that one of the major problems in online publishing is the large number of “lost” visitors who leave a website because they didn’t find any relevant information.

He points out that Traqli publishers can guarantee to their readers that they will always be aware of the information they care about most.

“As soon as a visitor finds an interesting piece of information that they want to follow-up with, Traqli will provide the most relevant updates related to that story from the publisher’s website, increasing amount of repeat visits by loyal customers,” Chapko says.

Although Traqli has U.S. offices in both Delaware and Silicon Valley in CA, the company is still based in the Ukraine and given that nation’s current unrest, Chapko says that some business partners express concern.

“Business partners have certainly been asking, but the unrest hasn’t had business impact,” Chapko says.

“Since we’re an internet company and our target audience is (mostly) in the US, Canada and UK, we didn’t have any business issues related to the riots,” he adds.

“But, of course, as Ukrainians it adds anxiety to our days.”