The X Factor is the UK’s Most Tweeted TV Show [STUDY]

The X Factor is the UK's Most Tweeted TV Show [STUDY]

The X Factor is the most tweeted-about television series in the United Kingdom, generating almost twice as many tweets over a 12 month period as the runner-up, reveals new data.

Kantar Media analysed more than 110 million TV-related tweets from over 13 million UK users between June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014. The X Factor accounted for 9.4 million tweets over the year – about 8.6% of all TV tweets within that period, and 25% of all tweets in the weeks it was on air.

Even if you’re not a fan of the show these are incredibly dominant numbers. Overall, however, and while perhaps not surprising, Kantar’s top 10 makes for rather depressing reading.

The Top 10 Most Tweeted TV Shows In The UK

1. The X Factor (ITV) 9.4 million (total tweets, June 1 2013 to May 31 2014)
2. Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5) 5.3 million
3. Britain’s Got Talent (ITV) 3.1 million
4. Made in Chelsea (E4) 2.6 million
5. I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (ITV) 2.6 million
6. The Only Way is Essex (ITV2) 2.5 million
7. Big Brother (Channel 5) 2.5 million
8. Hollyoaks (Channel 4) 2.4 million
9. EastEnders (BBC1) 2.3 million
10. The Voice (BBC1) 2.1 million

The X Factor is the UK's Most Tweeted TV Show [STUDY]

The study also discovered that a Christmas Day screening of Love Actually was the UK’s most tweeted movie, while Doctor Who and Sherlock were the most popular dramas on Twitter.

(Source: Kantar Media.)