Uh, That Wasn’t the Dalai Lama

Tipsters are experts on everything — including how wrong they can be. Politico‘s Mike Allen lets his tipster off with a comical love tap in this morning’s Playbook after he or she misidentified the Dalai Lama. The reader smartly noticed a bump on the side of the faux-Lama’s face that His Holiness doesn’t have. Allen protects the tipter’s identity but read below. There may be hints on who it was.

CORRECTION: Apologies. That wasn’t the Dalai Lama on the Red Line – just a poor lookalike. We appreciate our alert readers, who are experts on everything, including diplomatic security. The tipster ‘fesses up: “So it’s not the Dalai Lama. … There’s a small bump on the side of the man in the photo’s face that’s not present on His Holiness. … But [referring to another ‘Spotted’] I swear it was Ron Johnson of Wisconsin at that Mexican joint a few months back!”

The original item concerning His Faux Holiness was published on Saturday.

SPOTTED, on the Red Line yesterday, at the Gallery Place-Chinatown stop: the Dalai Lama — robes, beads, the whole deal. The Tibetan leader, in D.C. for an 11-day Buddhist event, spoke at the Capitol on Thursday. CNN’s Jeff Simon snapped a pic. [shown above]