Ugh! Bing Mobile Update for Windows Mobile Slow & Touch Hostile

Each new release of Live/Bing Mobile brought nice little improvements in the past moving it from an also-ran to a useful too for me on my Windows Mobile smartphone. So,’s news about…

New Bing Mobile & Bing Maps Silverlight beta available

…caught my interest. So, I’m pointed my phone’s browser at…

…to download and install the latest release on my HTC Touch Pro2. Unlike previous releases which brought incrementally useful enhancements, the latest Bing Mobile looks like a disaster on my phone. Here’s what I found:

1.The simple, easy and quick icon-centric interface was replaced by a pure text interface. The white text is difficult to read over some parts of the photo used as a background. And, the text interface is touch-unfriendly.
2. The map interface is incredibly slow. We’re talking glacial speeds here.
3. Bing Maps doesn’t seem to have a sense of “where I am” based on GPS coordinates. And, yes, I checked to make sure it was set to use the TP2’s GPS. Bing’s “location fix” is easily the most inaccurate of the various maps I’ve tried on various mobile platforms.
4. Other Bing components are just as glacial as maps. Searching for a movie playing nearby seemed to take forever.
5. Then, it (movies locator) just showed me a list of movies without indicating which theather the movies are playing in.
6. The handy nearby gas prices feature seems gone altogether.
7. Navigation inconsistent, slow, and non-intuitive
8. Like Bing Mobile’s initial screen, its text based interface is touch hostile

Bring back the old Bing Mobile!