UCSD’s Version of Marshall McLuhan Defecting to New York

According to a report by U-T San Diego science and technology reporter Gary Robbins, there are two main reasons why the University of California San Diego (UCSD) is losing its world-renowned media theorist.

Firstly, The City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate College threw a ton of money at Lev Manovich (pictured); in addition to nearly doubling his salary, there’s also start-up cash and a special scholarship fund he gets to allocate. Secondly, as Manovich told the reporter via email, CUNY is headed where he wants to go:

The 52-year-old Manovich said the university is investing heavily in the digital humanities — a rapidly emerging field that includes studying shifts in culture by using powerful computers to probe huge databases, or “Big Data,” as it is coming to be known…

“I am hoping to expand this research — being close to lots of startups working with big data, (and) all the talented designers and digital artists in the city, and major museums which have important collections which already have been digitized,” Manovich told U-T San Diego.

Manovich, at UCSD since 2007, has been compared by scholars to Marshall McLuhan. As Robbins puts it, while McLuhan was famously a proponent of the medium being the message, Manovich has been focused on determining the meaning of that now pervasively digital medium. Read Robbins’ full report here.

[Image courtesy: Manovich.net]